Free online React Native workshop: connect native modules to build an awesome Music Creator

One of the most popular cutting-edge tech workshops in Hungary is here again. Join the workshop and boost the developer community with hands-on experience together: invite your peers! 

The organizer of the Workshops is bene : studio, the team that delivers high-quality applications from HealthTech startups to Enterprises like Volkswagen.

In the workshop you will learn:

  • How to work with Native Modules (both Java and Swift) and connect them with React Native
  • How to play sounds
  • How to schedule and play them precisely

This is a FREE ONLINE workshop. In order to participate, please register using the form below.

Date & Time: Aug 11, 2021. 17:00 (GMT+2)

Duration: 2 hours

Platform: Zoom

🇬🇧 This is an English-speaking, international event!

After the registration, we will be in touch via e-mail regarding the workshop access.

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To let the workshop run as smoothly as possible, make sure you have:

1, a basic React Native environment setup before the workshop:

Visit and select React Native CLI quick start. Choose your Development OS and Target OS. We are showing you how to build both an Android and an iOS version as well, so if you have a Mac choose both Android and iOS targets, then follow the instructions to install the environment.

2, Clone this 

3, Run the commands in the readme and make sure they work:
npm install
npx pod-install
npm run android
npm run ios

What our participants say about our workshops:

"I really liked it, I haven't been to such an event before. I will definitely go to the next one! It was of a high-standard, comfortable and I really liked the idea of the talk session with pizza and beer at the end. The workshop itself was also quite enjoyable." (Gábor, Developer)

"The topic was great, we got what the workshop promised before - I wondered, how could we even do it in 1.5 hours!" (Botond, Developer)

"The team was well-prepared, and you gave what you promised to the participants. I appreciate that it had requirements, so the participants needed to prepare before - thus you created a high-quality tech community." (Csaba, Consultant)

About bene : studio

We are a global technology company that designs, develops and integrates solutions for corporate innovators and startups mainly in the HealthTech space. At bene : studio we create IoT, mobile & web apps and enhance core systems with an approach focused on user experience.

For the past 10 years, we have been working on 100+ projects for US & EU clients, from stunning startup prototypes to large-scale systems for enterprises for companies including the Volkswagen Group, Cushman & Wakefield, Informed, Labworx, and many more.

Bene Studio Workshop

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