Bene Studio Workshops 

Join Bene Studio Workshops, the most popular cutting-edge tech workshops in Hungary! Boost the developer community with hands-on experience together: invite your peers!

The organiser of the Workshops is Bene Studio, the team who delivers high-quality apps, using cutting-edge technologies.

See our next workshops on this page and register as soon as possible. Tickets get sold out soon! :)

Why developers love Bene Studio Workshops?

1. You build a working app from scratch within 2 hours with full help and support 2. You get a nanodegree for no cost that proves the skills you could improve 3. You are the member of a community: discuss with like-minded experts about cutting-edge tech topics 'till night

+ endless pizza, beer & stickers ;)

What our participants say about our workshops:

"I really liked it, I haven't been to such an event before. I will definitely go to the next one! It was of a high-standard, comfortable and I really liked the idea of the talk session with pizza and beer at the end. The workshop itself was also quite enjoyable." (Gábor, Developer)

"The topic was great, we got what the workshop promised before - I wondered, how could we even do it in 1.5 hours! "(Botond, Developer)

"The team was well-prepared, and you gave what you promised to the participants. I appreciate that it had requirements, so the participants needed to prepare before - thus you created a high-quality tech community." (Csaba, Consultant)

React Animations Workshop

Register for our next event: 23.08.2018. Topic and registration: how to build a React App with awesome animations!

Be our Co-Organiser!

We name you in the communication of the workshop and you will have the chance to introduce your company/meetup group at the event! 

For details get in contact with Andi: or +36 30 844 5465